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Chat with a registered doctor. Our platform allows you to meet on any device, mobile or computer.



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Access to Medical Marijuana

Once approved, you will receive 12 months access to medical marijuana.



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We connect qualified,
Registered doctors

to provide access to those in need.

Through personal experiences and witness to its efficacy, our team of licensed doctors share the conviction in the use of cannabis to assist their patients in living happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Safe, Secure, HIPAA Compliant

Your Discretion, Security, and Privacy is our top priority. All information and transactions remain securely stored in our HIPAA compliant EMR platform.

Same Day Appointments Available

Your time is valuable. We pride ourselves in making the evaluation, recommendation, and connection to your nearest Cannabis pharmacy a single, seamless process.

Trusted, Registered Doctors

Recruited, screened, and Hand-picked personally, each of our Doctors are respected professionals licensed and practicing within your state who understand the efficacy and see the need for change.

Immediate Access to Cannabis Products and Dispensaries

In the same day of your evaluation and submission of your recommendation, you will gain immediate access to products and licensed Cannabis Pharmacists to discuss your needs.

100% Refund if Not Approved

Transactions will occur at the end of the doctor’s evaluation. For patients that do not qualify, the transaction will not be processed, and the patient will not be charged.

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For the Patient, By the Patient. TeleLeaf is a premier access platform to Medical Marijuana that connects patients in need with qualified doctors. Our platform was created for the patient by the patient, driven by a Marine Officer’s mission to heal himself and provide alternative treatment options for others in need. TeleLeaf is focused on the Patient Experience and easing the friction points that hinder access.

Through personal experiences and witness to its efficacy, our team of licensed doctors share the conviction in the use of cannabis to assist their patients to ensure happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

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To Connect those in need with qualified Doctors. We provide Access to alternative treatment options with proven efficacy.

Latest news

Medical cannabis in a jar container


2-Minute Drill - Understanding LA's MMJ Program

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Law allows for any condition considered debilitating to an individual to be treated with medical marijuana (cannabis). Debilitating Condition is defined as a disease or condition making someone weak or infirm, and/or tending to weaken something, i.e. ‘debilitating back pain, etc.’

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A woman in a debilitationg condition


What is a Debilitating Condition?

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Effective August 1, 2020 – Legislative Policy HB 819 passed through LA’s House and Senate and was enacted as ACT 286 and further expanded the qualifying conditions...

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Medical Cannabis as a performance enhancer


Cannabis as A Performance Enhancer for Debilitating Conditions

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Cannabis is being used across the country to improve the quality of life, restore balance, and increase performance for millions of Americans battling conditions of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and arthritis.

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